Executive Advisory Council Mission Statement

Christian Brothers High School and Christian Brothers University are honored to be guided by the STEMM CoLaB Executive Advisory Council. Members of this Council are leaders in industry and academia, have affiliations with the participating institutions, and possess a genuine interest in the success of the STEMM CoLaB.

The Executive Advisory Council is a body dedicated to providing guidance to the CoLaB and ensuring the integrity of the unique partnership between CBU and CBHS, two highly reputable Lasallian educational institutions in the Memphis area. To achieve their mission, the Executive Advisory Council will:

  1. Cultivate strategic direction to the STEMM CoLaB and provide feedback on activities for both educating students and teacher training.
  2. Assist in the development of contacts, working relationships, and networking opportunities to position CBHS boys and CoLaB member students for success in industry relations.
  3. Act as a resource and advisor for the STEMM CoLaB in the development of annual and long-term strategic plans.
  4. Share talent and expertise as guest speakers.
  5. Advise the STEMM CoLaB on current industry needs in regard to education.
  • Bob McEniry, Chairman, NeXair
  • Dr. Angela Moran, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, United States Naval Academy
  • Dr. Fred Azar, Chief of Staff, Campbell Clinic
  • Craig Simon, Vice President, FedEx Supply Chain
  • Gary Meloni, President, AquaServ
  • Dr. Steven Schmid, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame
  • Maria Lensing, AT&T
  • Dr. Siripong Malasri, Chair, College of Engineering, CBU
  • Dr. Paul Haught, VP for Academics, Christian Brothers University
  • Chris Fay, Principal, Christian Brothers High School