• Samantha Noland

    2012 Mechanical Engineering graduate of CBU and Sales Engineer at nexAir, LLC

    “When I started in the CBU program, I knew I wanted to work in aircraft engineering. After a few years, some important internships and classes, I know I made the right choice in becoming a sales engineer. With the help and guidance of my professors and by working on a variety of projects in a variety of fields, I was able to develop skills not only in engineering but in public speaking and project management that have allowed me to better represent my company and serve our customers. The work experience I got while there helped me to discover where my true passion and abilities lie.”

  • Navin Prabhu

    2008 Electrical Engineering graduate of CBU and Senior Electronic Design Engineer at WD, a Western Digital company

    “I am proud to say that my four years of study at CBU laid the foundation for who I am as a person today. The class format and teaching abilities of the faculty are second to none. The program instills the qualities of discipline, hard work, and innovation in students. I went on to graduate in the top five of my class with a master’s degree from UCLA. Today I work in an advanced technology division of Western Digital, the world leader in data storage. I honestly believe that a very large part of my accomplishments have been due to my experiences at CBU and I’ll always be grateful for being a part of the CBU family.”

  • Vaskin Kissoyan

    1996 Computer Science graduate of CBU and CEO/Partner at Lokion Interactive

    “I’ve always been very vocal about the outstanding education that I received at Christian Brothers University and am especially proud to have been taught by [the faculty] in the Computer Science department. During my time at CBU, I was also very lucky to have attended a couple of Electronic Engineering (EE) classes. One particular class covered everything from the basic logic of “AND and OR” gates to burning a 4 bit microprocessor as a final project. I’ve held onto the final project report from that class. I never delved any further into EE, but the mere fact of understanding CPU interaction on that level has helped me with problem solving and has given me a very unique perspective when it comes to software design and coding. Twelve years ago, I helped found Lokion Interactive, a Memphis-based interactive agency. Today, we work with many prominent clients, helping them with digital strategy, design, and software development. We can execute on the entire array of services on the web, mobile phones, kiosks, or other devices.”

  • John Scott

    1978 graduate of CBHS and Energy Conservation Officer at NASA

    “The academic preparation offered at CBHS is unsurpassed.  This is especially true of the English teachers.  In order to function effectively in any profession, especially in engineering, one must be able to communicate complex concepts efficiently and persuasively.   One does not learn to do this by taking a technical writing course but, rather, by the study of literature.  I did well in the CBHS English classes, placed out of “Freshman English” in college, and never took another course in English literature or writing.   Yet, to this day when the senior executives at NASA evaluate my performance, I am still complemented on my ability to communicate in writing.  I cannot imagine a stronger endorsement of the school’s curriculum.”

    BS, Mechanical Engineering – Rice University
    MS, Mechanical Engineering – University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
    MBA – University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

    Mr. Scott has served in the U.S. military and civil space programs for over twenty-five years. He now serves at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston as head of the department responsible for power generation and pyrotechnics engineering in NASA’s Human Exploration Program.